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Michael Brown, April 20 2023

Renovating Retail: Our Mission to Upgrade Customer Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to pivot and adapt to the changing times, and our business was no exception. However, instead of just surviving the pandemic, current Vice President, Kelly Brown, saw an opportunity that would help the company thrive. The answer? A 3-year major renovation project that would transform our three locations into beautiful modern showrooms with top-notch customer experience.

It all started when Kelly’s art & handmade businesses; Art by Kelly and Mini Miscellaneous, were put on pause in the Fall of 2020. “All of my arts shows were cancelled, and I found myself with extra time to visit our stores during the lockdowns.” She decided to visit all three locations, assess them, talk to employees, and then remodel parts of each one to create a unique experience. “I realized someone needed to decide what we want our customers to experience when they shopped with us.” After all, creating a positive customer service experience has been a pivotal part of Carpets by Otto’s history from the very beginning. When Otto & Dee (Kelly’s parents) started the business back in 1969.

Otto Weik at the original Carpets by Otto

Landmark Showroom (Toledo, OH)

The first stop was the showroom Carpets by Otto built from the ground up in 1987, the Landmark Showroom. Upon arrival Kelly noticed many of the employee and customer areas had become outdated. Even the exterior was in need of freshening up.

Over the next year with the help of many local vendors such as Brint Electric, Fast Signs, Gross Electric, Midwest Contracting, and Color Our World, the overhaul commenced. Restrooms were renovated, overgrown trees were removed, a new customer conference room was created on the second floor. Even the exterior received a new set of arched awnings and updated signage.

Design Center at Levis Commons (Perrysburg, OH)

Our Design Center Tile WallWith one location under her belt Kelly set her sights on the Design Center at Levis Commons. During her visit, she found a similar situation to Landmark. Outdated displays and a lot of underutilized space. “I decided to rethink how we were using the spaces there and what I could do to enhance both the customer and employee experience.” And that she did. The customer focused renovations at Levis were extensive including a new double window display, a beautiful ceramic tile focal wall, several new flooring displays with unique options, and a brand-new private conference room for customer consultations & employee meetings. The building itself even received some upgrades with new carpeting, fresh paint, a complete power washing, and upgrades to lighting.

Liquidation Outlet (Holland, OH)

The last stop on the circuit was our unique liquidation outlet. Our 16,000 square-foot base of operations and warehouse where we store all the stock and custom ordered materials. If you are a DIY person, this is the location for you.

Liquidation Outlet showroom carpet rollsWe sell remnants, in stock laminate and vinyl plank, carpet tile, stock vinyl rolls, mini rems and more. We also make custom area rugs out of this location.

Renovations are in the process of wrapping up now in 2023, but the changes were significant here as well. All new paint, new carpet tile floors, 7 new workstations, a remodeled storage room, a mini showroom, and brand-new customer service desk for easy checkout & customer service.

The New Look Has Provided Endless Benefits

For Kelly, the most important improvements made to the stores are the ones that show how much she cares about our customers and our employees. “The response has been very positive. The shopping experience is so much easier.” Our customers now regularly reap the benefits of Kelly’s hard work. With tons of new upgrades and a carefully curated selection of displays all arranged in comfortable spacious showrooms, our spaces are second to none. Our employees also love the changes we’ve made. With new work areas, better lighting, new checkout desks, and more, they’re more than ready to serve you during your next visit.

All in all, we’re extremely proud Kelly and all the renovations that have taken place at Carpets by Otto over the last 3 years. If you have yet to see them, it is quite an experience. We invite you to visit one or all three of our locations and see them for yourself. It’s a floor shopping experience you won’t soon forget. Make sure you say hi to our wonderful staff, and feel free to share your feedback with them. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Written by

Michael Brown

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