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Michael Brown, February 21 2023

How to Choose the Best Rug Size for King Beds

The perfect area rug size for a king bed.

The perfect size area rug in your bedroom can help complete the space. However, choosing the wrong size rug can have negative side effects. When it comes to choosing the perfect rug size for beneath a king-sized bed, there are several important things to consider. Your bed, common rug sizes, the dimensions of your room, your room’s contents, and of course, your personal style. Carefully considering these things before making a purchase will ensure your rug fits the space and furniture well without making the room look too cramped and small.

Best rug size for king bed info

Not All King Beds Are Created Equal

If you already own a king bed you will likely know they come in two standard sizes. A typical king-size bed measures 76 inches wide by x 80 inches long. However, there's another bed, a California King, that measures 72 inches wide x 84 inches long. While a few less inches in width or a few more inches in length may not seem like a big deal, it can be. As with any home improvement project we recommend taking complete measurements of your bed, furniture, and room before heading out to the stores.

Common Rug Sizes

Before we hop into all the logistics of room sizing, types of rugs, and layout options, it's important to understand what rugs sizes are commonly available. Especially if you're looking to buy your rug in a store rather than a special order. For common king bed layouts where your rug is located beneath your bed you will typically want to consider 8x10', 9x12', and 12x15' foot options.

Alternative room layouts where the rug is not situated under your bed could utilize a smaller rug such as a 5x8' or two various length runners. If you have an odd size room or it isn't rectangular, we strongly suggest working with an expert to build a custom area rug. At Carpets by Otto we take pride in our custom rug building service. Our rug maker Robbie can hand craft a unique rug to match your exact size, shape, and style requirements.

How Big is Your Room?

The size of your bedroom is the most important factor when choosing the right size rug for your king bed. Yes, different sized rooms or rooms with uncommon layouts require different rugs. Room size is important because it will help determine what rug fits comfortably in the space, while keeping the bed from feeling crowded. Additionally, the size of the room will also determine the size of the rug that will be needed for the bed to remain properly proportioned within the room.

What's In Your Room?

The contents of your bedroom and their placement are equally important in your rug decision. Do you have nightstands beside the bed? Perhaps a bench at the foot of the bed? All the items in your room, including the rug you choose, take up floor space. If you take up too much space, the room will feel cramped. Not enough space, the room will feel empty. It is important to find a happy medium.

I Have Nightstands

If you have nightstands in your mix in an average-sized room, it is common to leave them off the area rug itself. If you're using a standard 8x10 consider orienting it vertically under your bed with the nightstands falling just off to the side of the rug. Alternatively, you can turn the rug perpendicular to your bed and move it one-third away from your headboard. This will help length your layout while still leaving space for your nightstands to rest on the floor.

Have a larger than normal room? As mentioned above, it is common to use a larger size rug such as a 9x12' or a 12x15'. When doing so you should put the short side of the rug against your wall and situate all furniture including your bed and nightstands on top of the rug. Ensure your furniture is firmly placed entirely on the rug. The last thing you want is a wobbly nightstand.

Benches and Other Furniture

If your room furniture includes benches, lamps, large headboards, or other furniture, hopefully you have a larger room. If this is the case, select a larger size rug and work to distribute all your furniture on the rug. Benches should fit comfortably at the foot of the bed. While lamps can go on nightstands or tucked carefully next to them.

If you have a smaller or oddly shaped room, you will likely want to look for alternative places for your furniture. Choosing to situate a lamp in a corner or a bench in a separate seating area away from the bed. But be careful. Too much furniture in a small space will make it look crowded and small. Ultimately, it may just be best to get rid of a few pieces.

Bonus: Pick a Rug to Match Your Style

Sure, it may not be relevant to the area rug size for your bedroom, but style matters! The perfect area rug serves as a statement piece that ties together all the elements of your room and makes it feel cozy. Whether you have interior design skills or not, choose a rug that you will be happy with. A rug that matches your style. In doing so, you may want to consider a unique design or shape. If your bed is situated off to the side of your room, you could absolutely choose to have a circular area rug covering the main floor. But don't forget about sizing entirely. No matter what you choose, ensure you leave enough floor space to avoid the room feeling small.

You're Ready to Choose

Now that you have made it this far you are more than qualified to choose the best rug size for your king bedroom layout. Remember to start by measuring your bed, furniture, and room. From there consider your room layout and contents, and don't forget about style! Now it's off to the store. or if you prefer you can shop our large selection of rugs from the comfort of your own home.

Written by

Michael Brown

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