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Hardwood Flooring

Visit our Design Center at Levis Commons or our Toledo Landmark Showroom to discuss the hardwood flooring options to meet your exact needs! Our Liquidation Outlet location does not have hardwood displays.

Reasons to choose hardwood flooring

Hardwood is both beautiful and extremely long-lasting, the perfect choice for almost any room in your home. Consider the following when choosing your hardwood flooring.

Color can range from soft and light to intensely dark, with every shade in between. There are over 50 hardwood species to choose from including Oak, Maple, Ash, Walnut, Acacia, and Cherry. We have a variety of samples for you choose from.

Character refers to the natural variations in wood grain that give hardwood its personality. The more dramatic a board’s character, the more rustic it can feel. Hardwood is one of the most timeless building materials and is a very popular addition to new builds and home improvement projects.

Construction refers to how hardwood is made. There are two primary options: solid planks & engineered wood. Solid hardwood planks are each created using a single piece of wood. Because of this, they tend to be thicker and are able to be refinished many times throughout their lifespan. Engineered hardwood, on the other hand, is made up of several layers of wood. Engineered wood is meant to withstand higher humidity levels, enabling it to be installed in basements.

Finish can entail many things: matte, satin, semi-gloss, gloss, luster level, scraping degree & technique, wire brushing, smoking, and more! Our sales staff looks forward to showing you our samples when you visit our showroom.

Variety of options

We have hardwood flooring from a variety of manufacturers including Shaw (Anderson-Tuftex), Timeless Designs, Mannington, Engineered Floors, Barlinek, Paramount, and Mullican.

Would you like more information about our hardwood flooring?